Mekong river side resort Kaeng Ka Bao
That Phanom
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Resort near Mukdahan and That Phanom
Mekong river near Mukdahan
recreation at the mekong river
restaurant with view at the Mekong river
The Kaeng Ka Bao resort
The Kaeng Ka Bao resort is a guesthouse with several bungalows and is located between Mukdahan and That Phanom on the edge of the forest and on the Mekong riverbank where you can enjoy panoramic views of the legendary Mekong river and the peacefulness of the forest. The resort is conviently located 15 minutes away from the Laos border (Savannakhet) - Mukdahan at the Friendship Bridge II and 20 minutes from Mukdahan.

In an unique location in the North East of Thailand (Isaan) the resort is a perfect place for people who like to visit "Isan", be in the forest and also want the freshness of the beach with rapids from one of the biggest and most famous rivers in the world.

Green resort
At our peaceful and environmentally friendly resort you will find airconditioned houses for small and large families, there is even a place for small groups in our new conference center with a supurb view of the majestic Mekong river.

Our restaurant serves hot and cold Thai meals and as you can imagine the fish is very fresh. We can serve all food also in the western style (not so spicy).
Kaeng Ka Bao resort
Mekong is sometimes spelled as Mea Khong, Mea Kong, Mehkong or Mekhong.

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